Patrick Garrard’s Track-Record:
Superb Client Service + Market Performance


“Patrick Garrard built my NASDAQ company’s shareholder base from a couple of hundred to over 10,000 in two years. His unforgettable story about our company, along with follow-ups, effectively launched us and changed everything. Pat put his heart and soul into our project, and his work was a genuine company-builder.”
Wayne Babcock, Chairman & CEO, Dynamic Oil and Gas


“My company marketed a number of small caps prior to 2008. The actual campaigns were subcontracted to other people, but our three all-time greats were each created Pat. (Always my first choice when he was available.) He’s a truly great salesman who knows how to connect with investors — first getting their attention and seducing them, then pushing them into taking action. Looking back, my favorite memory working with Pat was a small fast-food chain in upstate New York. He captured 14,600 shareholders in less than a year, converted from over 40,000 inquirers. For sure, he made a lot of people very happy!”
Roberto Veitia, President & CEO, Corporate Relations Group, Inc.


“I have worked with Patrick Garrard on several projects, but I especially remember CIS Technologies, when I was Chairman. Pat conceptualized, wrote and directed the campaign that helped me raise $30 million in seed capital and private placements, with the share price going from $1.50 to over $40 when the company was taken over. Pat’s contribution was enormous in keeping shareholders loyal and supportive, even when the stock came under pressure. There is absolutely no one better than Pat Garrard for this kind of work.”
Steven J. Simonyi-Gindele, Vancouver, B.C.


“Pat Garrard has this special ability to portray and promote a company in a way that’s unforgettable, and usually creates quite a stir. He simplifies the message, allowing investors to quickly understand what a company does, and where’s it’s going. He also helps them to see management as people, making his message even more credible. We have used his services with great success, and he remains first and foremost in our future plans for communicating with shareholders and customers.”
Dieter Sauer, Chairman & CEO, Sauer Energy Inc.


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