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There are thousands of people who offer marketing counsel to young companies. Unfortunately, while much is promised, little is usually accomplished because they rarely understand the basics of marketing. In this case, that means packaging and positioning a company as a ‘product,’ conceptualizing its unique value, then selling it in a way that’s attention-getting yet credible.


Garrard, Berman, Thompson and their team are uniquely experienced to understand and integrate this marketing process.



Patrick William Hope Garrard

Patrick W.H. Garrard is one of the most successful marketers in the U.S., a fact fully supported by his record of achievement.


In his 20s, on his own, he founded and marketed the first business/personal finance magazine, Free Enterprise, which grew to a paid circulation of 550,000. (Precursor to Money Magazine.) He also founded and published other periodicals covering technology and investing.


Garrard’s direct response experience in the publishing industry was equally successful. He produced hundreds of millions of mailing packages, ranking him among the all-time top DR marketers. He has also been a consultant to — and written for — leading publishing companies in the U.S. and Europe. (Including Phillips Publishing and Boardroom, the world’s largest newsletter publishers at the time, and FID Verlag GmbH, Germany’s #1 newsletter publisher.)


He later wrote 29 investor marketing campaigns for small/micro-cap companies, attracting over 200,000 new shareholders. His technology marketing was highly productive, communicating in interesting, easy-to-understand English, instead of the usual techno-jargon. Because when you think of it, what good is a breakthrough technology if the developing company can’t communicate its value?


Pat Garrard has also developed a fresh M.O. for funding young companies. Too many new ventures starve to death — or live in a near-death limbo — because most entrepreneurs and their financial teams don’t SELL their projects in a credible, attention-getting way that’s also regulatory-friendly.


After all, what good is a PPM if there’s no marketing attachment? Sure, numbers are critical and ultimately will close the deal. But if you first don’t ‘hook’ the prospect with a great story — grab his interest, seduce him — then you’re a lot less likely to raise the money.



Richard Berman


Richard Berman is a media-relations insider and one of the industry’s leading PR specialists. He has been a News Editor for the NBC Nightly News, where he wrote for Tom Brokaw and the network’s other top anchors. He has also interviewed scores of public figures including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan and Newt Gingrich, etc.


Richard’s contacts and knowledge of the media have helped him book guests on The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, various CBS programs, AP Radio, CNN and Bloomberg Television. He has generated articles on the national Associated Press, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and scores of other publications.


His secret? "Having been at the center of news management, I understand how the process works, how publicity is turned into news — and how to position a story that will appeal to editors and producers,” Berman said.


“I have learned that most people are baffled by how news is created. They don't understand why some people and businesses become media ‘pets’ while others are shunned and neglected. Believe me, it’s never accidental! Knowing the power of publicity, it never ceases to amaze me that so many people are media illiterate — never understanding why press releases, by themselves, count for little or nothing."



Lisa Thompson


Lisa has spent nearly three decades in the investment industry and equity markets. She has worked extensively on both the buy and sell side, and her expertise includes TMT telecom, handsets, Internet, consumer electronics, digital media and software. Her experience also includes performing due diligence and valuing private companies.


She was the very first Wall Street analyst to cover the Internet — CompuServe, when it was owned by H&R Block — and her experience includes software, computer hardware, data and communications equipment, consumer and defense electronics, semiconductors and retailers. She has worked for several financial firms on large, small and micro-cap companies. Lisa currently covers SecondMarket, Etsy, Tagged, Facebook, LinkedIn, Millennial Media, SocialVibe, Nimble Storage, One Kings Lane, Apptio, Waze and others requiring varying degrees of analysis.


She holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and a BSChE from Tufts University.