Investor Marketing


Why are most small and micro cap companies, together, throwing away billions and billions of dollars in real value? And the crazy thing is, it doesn’t have to happen. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Investor Marketing


Investor marketing is all about selling a product — shares of stock — and the "missing link' is marketing. It doesn't exist, which drives down the price! CLICK HERE to discover a potent new tool.

Investor Marketing


Most small and microcap stocks are in pathetic shape and need urgent help. Trouble is, most companies have written them off. That’s a mistake because they can be a huge asset. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Time for some fresh thinking? Let’s talk.

What can you do with a half-dead stock that’s going nowhere, with no sign of a turn-around? Well, you can wash your hands of it, or you can rethink what’s obviously not working. Meanwhile you should know …

• Traditional Investor Relations, by itself, is no longer enough for small/micro caps and startups. Everything has changed since 2008, and IR needs to be enhanced and updated to attract new buying, new shareholders, build the market cap and improve liquidity.

• There’s almost nothing accidental about an under-valued stock with poor trading volume. It happens because some people weren’t doing their jobs. You could even say that beaten-down stocks are the equivalent of abused children, victims of neglect and abandonment. This CAN be corrected.

• Traditional IR overlooks this basic truth: A share of stock is a product that’s bought, sold, traded, relies on consumer/investor loyalty, etc. And just like anything else, products have to be aggressively SOLD, or nothing happens. Of course, in these turbulent times, it’s not easy for a small company to stand out from the crowd. You’ll need a clear, strong message powerfully presented.

• And here’s the bad news/good news: Yes, there are fewer independent investors in the stock market, but many still remain and these people are very active. They’re also smarter and more careful, and very much open to a good ‘pitch.’ There’s also very little microcap marketing taking place — which means there’s no competitive ‘clutter,’ which means it’s much easier to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

As you browse through our site, you’ll notice that we favor more direct action to change the playing field. “Think different” (Steve Jobs), in other words. Think strategically and, in a marketing sense, go to war! You’ve now got some weapons you never knew existed. USE THEM.

Patrick GarrardSo let me ask you: why keep doing what hasn’t been working — especially since you could be sitting on more value than you ever imagined. Let’s talk and see what’s possible.

Patrick W.H. Garrard